By doing business with GYOM you are agreeing with the following Terms & Conditions.

GYOM has no minimums!  Print 1 or print 10,000.

A 100% deposit is required to place your order.  Due to clients making last minute changes, our policy is that our pricing is dependent on receipt of both the deposit and all artwork needed to complete the job and when applicable client provided goods.  Payment in full must be received before your order will be released or ship.

Prices are subject to change.  Please call us for the most up-to-date information.


Typical turnaround is 7-10 business days.  High-volume orders or those with multiple designs may increase turnaround time.  If you are meeting a deadline, let us know when placing your order.  Please see RUSH ORDERS for more information.


Rush orders are subject to the following additional fees:
2 days:     Cost + 100% 
3 days:     Cost + 75%
4 days:     Cost + 50%
5 days:     Cost + 25%
6 days:     Cost + 15%
A guaranteed due date between 7-10 business days or a any specific deadline is subject to 10% rush fee.


Yes, we can ship your order!  Call us for more details.


There is a $30 fee for returned checks.

Your images are exposed on new screens every time you re-order to prevent degraded, low-quality prints.  Films and screens and any other materials used in production to create the image are property of GYOM.


GYOM is not a “chop shop”, bootleg printers beware. Customers and Contractors assume all legal responsibility for artwork submitted for printing without exceptions. GYOM is committed to maintaining and respecting all copyright laws and therefor any risk associated in reproducing art submitted to GYOM is 100% and sole responsibility of the customer and or contractor who has requested and placed the order. Therefor a GYOM invoice represents a good faith contract that you the customer or contractor agree only to print legally obtained artwork, original artwork, and licensed artwork provided. If GYOM is associated or involved in any copyright infringement dispute related to a customer or contractor, any and all legal fees will be paid by the customer or contractor involved with submitting the order. In addition all GYOM administrative fees will be billed at the rate of $200 per hour and any additional time / production work or material loss will be billed at the standard sales production rate to customer or contractor associated with the order regardless of legal outcome or resolution. Please print responsibly.  

If you already have your design, the ideal format is a vector-based image made in Illustrator, with all fonts converted to outlines, sized, and ready to print.  For pixel-based images (Photoshop, .psd, .jpg, .tiff, etc.) please try to make it 300dpi to print size.  Keep the design in original layer format.

Grow Your Own Media can also work with you to create original art or edit/ manipulate an image you would like to use.  Prices are as follows:

$60/ hour     Graphic design (creating original art)
$40/ hour     Production art (editing/ manipulation)
$10              Color separation (per color, as needed)


Your print designs should be sized according to the smallest garment you will be printing on.  Oversized images can end up on seams, collars, or just get cut off.  If you are working with a large image, we can help you tailor it to achieve the best print possible.  Just give us a call!


We use a physical printed Pantone book, U - uncoated for water base printing and C - coated for plastisol ink color matching.  Please note that every effort is made to mix colors accurately, still due to the ambient light, the curing process and diverse materials being printed, variations in the colors being matched may be found. Color discrepancy or accuracy will not qualify for a full refund of any order but instead, may qualify for a partial refund, that is limited to the amount paid on the invoice to custom mix or match a color that will be considered for credit or reimbursement.    

In order to achieve the best rendition of your artwork your art is color separated and colors that are touching are edited to safely overprint.  While the poster is laid out to dry between colors, the paper has time to expand and contract.  Therefore we overprint some of the colors, using “gutters and traps” in the art, to compensate for the changes in the paper.  While the overprint areas are intended to hide any “off registration”, a shift of 1/16 of an inch may be found in some areas of the print.   

Hold the presses! Want greater control over your production? Make an appointment to review your test print before we proceed with your order.  Press checks are great for adjusting colors (choosing and testing a color) and placement (adjusting the print location on the item). If having grater safety and satisfaction that the order will proceed or be terminated by having your additional oversight is important we would encourage a press check. Each design will have its own press check fee and is limited to a 1/2 hour appointment per design. A customer may request a digital press check if they are unavailable, and we will email or text photos for a digital press check.  

If during the press check a customer chooses to stop the order, only the work performed to this point will be charged as part of the order, including any materials or items used. In some rare cases a restocking fee will be applied to return unused items or if restocking is no longer available items will be charged without the print cost associated to each item.

Due to time and materials used to set up a press check any missed appointments will be charged for the Screen Setup and Appointment.


At GYOM we do our best to provide you with the highest quality prints exactly how you ordered them. While our business focuses on the embellishment portion of the production process we sometimes receive items that appear damaged from the manufacture. In other instances damage or mistakes can happen during the handling of the printing or embellishment process.

A customer can make a claim by returning to GYOM with the items during business hours or submitting an email to sales@gyom.com with the following information: provide a copy of your order, describe incident, quantities / style / color / size in question, and attach reference photos of each item for review to help expedite the resolution process. Due to the restrictive cost of materials and time required for the production of small quantities of a project, we will NOT reprint items in an order with spoilage of up to 5% per design for orders of 100 prints or more, or 10% per design for orders under 100 prints.  Please keep this in mind when placing your order, as it may be prudent to get a few extra. GYOM claims will be reviewed up to 24 hours from day of pick up or receiving shipped items from GYOM.


Items ordered and provided by GYOM,

Mistakes or errors are known to happen at a print shop due to the raw ink and multiple points of human interaction with each item throughout the screen printing and embellishment process. GYOM will review and issue a credit or refund or partial refund for each item damaged in production with corresponding rush charges associated with each item when applicable. All items that do not meet the customers expectations must be returned to GYOM for review prior to issuing a credit or refund.


Items provided to GYOM by a customer or contractor,

GYOM is privileged to have the opportunity to work with so many talented Artist and Media providers with unique one of a kind items and projects that challenge the scope of what is possible in both time management and quality of production. We understand that our customers have sourced items that have been purchased outside of GYOM and or manufactured specifically for their projects and we welcome those projects under the following conditions. GYOM will not be held liable for the replacement of any item not purchased and invoiced directly through GYOM. When print items are provided by a customer to GYOM, we do not guarantee client provided materials, we will ONLY stand by the total value of the amount payed on the project invoice. In these situations if there are any misprints, damages, or errors in the order, we do not reimburse for the cost of materials provided to GYOM. Instead, we will only credit or reimburse for the printing portion of the items in question and any rush charges associated with each item.


GYOM focuses primarily on screen printing and the embellishment of manufactured goods, ie hats, t-shirts, paper.. We are not the primary manufacturer and therefor cannot guarantee variances in size/ shades/ construction of garments and other miscellaneous merchandise and therefore these issues will not qualify for a partial or full refund. We have found that the best way to avoid problems from the manufacturing side in production is to purchase from trusted vendors and purchase test samples to review before running the whole production order.


Any order printed differently than the approved film will be re-printed.  All claims for defective work must be submitted within 24 hours of pick-up or delivery date.  Please email sales@gyom.com to submit a claim.


  1. All sales are final; NO Refunds. 

  2. Reschedule two days (48 hours) before your reserved class.   

  3. CLASSES: Same-day cancellations or no-shows are subject to a $40 rescheduling fee.

  4. RENTALS: Same-day cancellations or no-shows will Not be Refunded.